Cairo Sound -Music Festival- Round 1

Dubai · Dubai Media City · Cairokee · Sharmoofers · Massar Egbari · Zap Tharwat · Live Concert · United Arab Emirates · UAE · DJ Khaled Hussien · Marwan Younis · Amir Eid · Ahmed Bahaa · BOB · Hany El Dakkak · Abu Dhabi · Mostafa Ghazal

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Cairo Sound -Music Festival- gathered music-lovers in the heart of Dubai. Rock bands Cairokee and Massar Egbari, reggae artists Sharmoofers, rapper Zap Tharwat, DJ Khaled Hussein and virtuoso oud player Mostafa Ghazal presented the unique mixture of western genres and traditional Arabic melodies. Famous Egyptian blogger Marwan Younis made a perfect MC for the event. Cairo Sound -Music Festival- was the bands’ first live concert in Dubai. It became a warm reunion of Middle-Eastern expatriates from all over the UAE and neighbor GCC countries. Photography: Marc Wassim Photography