Hi Wave Events

DERTOUR Academy (Bazar & Labyrinth)

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Event was created on Saturday, December 4, 2010
Event was established at Hurghada, Soma Bay Sheraton

Dertour Academy and Hi Wave Events worked to deliver an entertaining way of learning and education throughout the round table talks. These talks were divided into two major parts namely, the Bazaar and the Labyrinth. Each part of them was meant to deliver specific information throughout decoration, seating and technical equipments. I Wave Events succeeded in delivering the message beyond each round table talk by the proper decoration by different oriental designs of the stands. For Example, the paharaonic and the Islamic Designs on the stands. Also, the oriental seating and decoration of the Bazaar and the Labyrinth helped the major theme of “Round” Table Talks. Moreover, Hi Wave Events provided successfully the proper technical equipment for the Bazzar and the Labyrinth to assist each group to comfortably deliver his information and his message. All in all, Hi Wave Events successfully planned and organized what Dertour Academy dreamt of, from ideas on papers to a vivid live image in real life.

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